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At Orchard Counselling, we take the secure handling of any sensitive information extremely seriously.

What information do we collect and store:

If you apply for counselling with us we will request that during the referral process (currently online) you provide information that enables us to  assess and process your application, manage your counselling and evaluate the service that was provided to you.


This includes details of:

  • general demographics

  • previous counselling or psychotherapy,

  • current doctor’s practice or health centre,

  • ongoing medical treatment and medication,

  • contact with the Community Mental Health Team,

  • incidents of recent self-harm,

  • drug and alcohol use

  • other information that helps us to assess the person’s suitability for the counselling service we offer.


Why do we collect this information and where do we store it:

The information we collect and store is all provided directly by the individual concerned and stored electronically. Some additional information, not including a person’s name, is also stored separately to enable counselling to be set-up, progressed and evaluated, for quality monitoring and for statistical purposes.


Electronically held data is stored on secure servers for which authorised access is granted to individuals based on job role.

Contacting us in relation to your personal data

To see our full Privacy Policy or to ask any additional questions around your personal data, please contact us at: in the first instance. An appropriate member of staff will reply to you within the timescale required by the GDPR.

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