Psychotherapy Session


Our team of experienced counsellors use an Integrative approach to counselling to draw on techniques from different types of therapy to tailor an approach specifically for you.

An integrative counsellor believes there isn’t just one therapeutic approach that can help a client in all situations. Instead, they take into account you as an individual and your circumstances, and use elements of different approaches to help you explore and cope with your problems.

Integrative Counselling works for a range of short and long-term issues including:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • trauma

  • relationships

  • addictions

  • bereavement

  • low self-esteem.


Our team of experienced counsellors work with companies in the Wiltshire, Berkshire & Oxfordshire area to better navigate business relationships and improve the workplace atmosphere and morale. We can also offer supervision.

Running a business of any size can be rewarding and fulfilling but also stressful, demanding and overwhelming. Talking to a counsellor can have real benefits for you and your employees’ mental health and wellbeing.

Business Counselling works for a range of short and long-term issues including:

  • work based conflict

  • financial anxiety

  • performance anxiety

  • business relationships

  • communication skills


Support Groups


As a Registered Charity we pride ourselves in providing counselling & talk therapy for those who may not otherwise be able to afford to do so. Our ability to provide longterm counselling services relies entirely on generous donations. Each donation, no matter how small is hugely appreciated and directly goes toward improving lives and communities.

Thank you for helping us help others